What Is The Alternative To Toyota Fielder When Hiring A Vehicle?

When it comes to hiring vehicles, most clients go for all familiar brands and the most common is the Toyota brand. After settling on the brand they become more particular on other details such as new shape and new number plate registrations before they decide. This is what we call customer preferences. And you cannot deny them what they prefer but fulfill them.

Every call I receive seeking to rent a vehicle in Kenya, most locals ask to hire a Toyota and preferably a Fielder or Axio new shape with new registration plates. For international clients they focus much on the functions. Then again why should one hire an old vehicle? Most consider Fielder a family car, it’s roomy with a spacious boot for luggage. I think that is what all station wagons are for.

But when I tell them their preferred vehicles are not available save for equivalents but of a different brand, more so Honda Freed Spike, they are never sure how to react. Instinctively they request for photos of the vehicle. However sometimes the photos do not really give a good impression of how it actually is in real life. The pictures of Honda Freed Spike always give the impression of a smaller vehicle with an odd shape at the back, and with that only they express there reservations to hire Honda Freed Spike.

Honda Freed Spike is a five seater station wagon, with two sliding doors at the back, a 1500cc engine capacity, automatic with an option for hybrid, an extra big boot, bigger than that of Toyota Fielder. The seats are very comfortable for long distance travels with an upright sitting position and enough leg room for tall passengers. Honda Freed Spike is also very stable at speeds higher than 100 kmh.

Being a sales person and not willing to lose a job because of a misconception, I offer to bring the Honda Freed Spike to the client to have a look and feel. This, I guess will continue for some time up to the point I feel that a sizeable number of clients know and understand Honda Freed Spike.

Am glad to report that 5 out of 5 clients who missed to hire a Toyota, after an interaction with Honda Freed Spike have all gone ahead to hire it, and in return giving it very good reviews, and they have hired it over and over again. Seeing is believing.

By Call of Africa Safaris

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